Computer Science 1

This is my webpage for Computer Science 1/GITA 1.
I'm learning C# this year. It is a coding language
to develop Window's Apps. My goal is to make awesome
projects and to learn useful skills to use later in life.

Download C#

First Semester

Random Numbers

Date: 11/13/17

In this program we learned how to generage random numbers.


Date: 9/15/17

In this program we translated text into multiple languages.

Help Page

Date: 9/29/17

In this program we made a help page with various tools.

Mailing Label

Date: 9/26/17

In this program we generate a mailing label based off information provided by the user.

Car Rental 1

Date: 10/6/17

In this program we calculate the price to rent a car.


Date: 10/10/17

In this program we calculate the user's BMI based off their data.

Car Rental 2

Date: 10/18/17

In this program we calculate the price with custimization options.

Test Score

Date: 10/20/17

In this program we average 2 test scores.


Date: 10/26/17

In this program we calculate probability of rolling each number.

Craps Game

Date: 11/2/17

In this program we simulate a game of Craps.

Slot Machine

Date: 12/2/17

In this program we simulate playing a slot machine.

T-Shirt Store

Date: 12/18/17

In this program we run a t-shirt store.

Fish 1

Date: 12/20/17

In this program we make a fish move and keep track of its moves/bumps.

College Bowls

Date: 1/16/18

In this program we display the bowl history and other information for 2 colleges.

Second Semester

Fish 2

Date: 2/2/18

Similar to Fish 1 but this time there is a predator fish.

Tic Tac Toe

Date: 2/14/18

Just your classic game of Tic Tac Toe.

Basic AI

Date: 3/5/18

Enemy tank chases while the user tank fires bullets at it.

Space Travel

Date: 3/12/18

Looks like you are traveling through space.

Tanks on Steriods

Date: 3/21/18

Similar to basic AI except this is 5x harder.

Bortles Combat

Date: 6/8/18

Play as Blake Bortles in a NFL Playoff simulation to bring the Lombardi Trophy to Duval.

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